The Benefits of Transpersonal Coaching

What are the benefits of transpersonal coaching? What does transpersonal coaching do that other types of coaching might not do? Why should anyone consider transpersonal coaching?

Transpersonal coaching is based on transpersonal psychology, and as such, offers the possibility for deep transformation and integration. It is suited to most situations from the apparently simple to the more complex.

Whether we seek help to achieve a particular goal or to overcome a difficulty, it allows us to see the bigger picture around it. This bigger picture points to what work needs to be done for us to reach our goal or to overcome our difficulty.

It also makes us aware of the quality of our connection to ourselves, to others and to our environment. This awareness shows us whether the goal that we are trying to achieve is in alignment with our higher self. It shows us how the difficulty that we are trying to overcome is a step towards a more authentic life.

Transpersonal coaching makes us able to heal wounds that we had forgotten we had, to repair parts of our story and to even change its course. It leads us to discover our true potential. This form of coaching should be considered by those wanting results as well as a deeper sense of self-realisation.

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